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  • Flisfeder, Matthew (Cultural Politics, 2009)
    In the following,largue against cognitivist film scholars, such as David Bordwell and Noel Carroll, for the relevance of Slavoj Žižek in the field of film criticism and theory. I argue that Žižek's work presents a wholly ...
  • Ives, Peter; Green, Marcus E. (Historical Materialism (Brill), 2009)
    The topics of language and subaltern social groups appear throughout Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks. Although Gramsci often associates the problem of political fragmentation among subaltern groups with issues concerning ...
  • Ives, Peter; Short, Nicola (Review of International Studies (British International Studies Association), 2012)
    Antonio Gramsci's thought has strongly influenced the fields of IR and IPE through the work of Robert Cox, Stephen Gill, Kees van der Pijl and others, engagements often gathered (not uncontroversially) under the rubric of ...
  • Ives, Peter (International Studies Review (International Studies Association), 2012)
  • Ripat, Pauline (Phoenix (Classical Association of Canada), 2016)
    In this his article I explore the connections among the physiological effects of envy, the stereotypes that adhered to old women, and the literary representations of witches in Roman society, arguing that it is possible ...

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