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  • Institute of Urban Studies (Institute of Urban Studies, 2015-12-03)
    In partnership with the West Broadway Community Organization, the Institute of Urban Studies is proud to launch the Observer-Rated Housing Quality Scale (OHQS) - Rooming house and Single Room Occupancy Hotel Edition. This ...
  • Meiklejohn, Christopher (The University of Chicago Press, 1981-01-01)
  • Wade, Marianne; Linton, David; Sharma, Vijay (The Institute of Urban Studies, 1984)
    Based on the study: Off campus : a report on the feasibility of developing co-operative housing for students near the University of Winnipeg.
  • Gunn, Jonathan P.; Verkley, Jacqueline; Newman, Lynda (The Institute of Urban Studies, 1983)
  • Reimer, Mavis (Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures, 2009)
  • Ives, Peter; Short, Nicola (Review of International Studies (British International Studies Association), 2012)
    Antonio Gramsci's thought has strongly influenced the fields of IR and IPE through the work of Robert Cox, Stephen Gill, Kees van der Pijl and others, engagements often gathered (not uncontroversially) under the rubric of ...
  • Jackes, Mary; Lubell, David; Meiklejohn, Christopher (Current Anthropology, 1997-01-01)
  • Dobson, John Blythe (Fibonacci Association, 2015-11)
    We show that a congruence discovered by George E. Andrews in 1969 for the Fibonacci quotient directly implies a simpler congruence found by Hugh C. Williams in 1991.
  • Dobson, John Blythe (2007)
    Herck Syboutszen, of the "Poor Bowery," Newtown (now Elmhurst), Queens Co., Long Island, New York, was baptized 28 January 1620 in the Dutch Reformed Church, Langedijk, North Holland, Netherlands.
  • Bhadravati, Shreelatha; Atrey, Pradeep; Khabbazian, Majid (2013-05-28)
    In this work, we analyze some of the existing secret image sharing methods and show that they do not possess indistinguishability, a property of many secure systems. We propose a new method based on the $(k, n)$ threshold ...
  • Drabek, S. (Institute of Urban Studies, 1986)
  • Peters, Evelyn; Rosenberg, Mark; Halseth, Greg (Institute of Urban Studies, 1991-01-01)
    Questions about the nature of Métis identity have received considerable scrutiny in recent years (Foster, 1985; Hatt, 1971; Peterson and Brown, 1985). Events at Red River and Batoche have come to public attention in new ...
  • Spearing, Randy (Institute of Urban Studies, 2008-01-01)
    The provision of parking is a necessary land use in any city. However, there can be a point at which there is too much parking. Such may be the case in Downtown Winnipeg. The excessive amount of parking in the downtown may ...
  • Vandaele, Ann C.; Willame, Yannick; Depiesse, Cédric; Thomas, Ian R.; Robert, Séverine; Bolsée, David; Patel, Manish R.; Mason, Jon P.; Leese, Mark; Lesschaeve, Stefan; Antoine, Philippe; Daerden, Frank; Delanoye, Sofie; Drummond, Rachel; Neefs, Eddy; Ristic, Bojan; Lopez-Moreno, José-Juan; Bellucci, Giancarlo; NOMAD Team, NOMAD Team (Optics Express, 2015-11-09)
    The NOMAD instrument has been designed to best fulfil the science objectives of the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission that will be launched in 2016. The instrument is a combination of three channels that cover the UV, ...
  • Thomas, I. R.; Vandaele, A.C.; Robert, S.; Neefs, E.; Drummond, R.; Daerden, F.; Delanoye, S.; Ristic, B.; Berkenbosch, S.; Clairquin, R.; Maes, J.; Bonnewijn, S.; Depiesse, C.; Mahieux, A.; Trompet, L.; Neary, L.; Willame, Y.; Wilquet, V.; Nevejans, D.; Aballea, L.; Moelans, W.; De Vos, L.; Lesschaeve, S.; Van Vooren, N.; Lopez-Moreno, J.-J.; Patel, M. R.; Bellucci, G.; NOMAD Team, NOMAD Team (Optics Express, 2016-02-16)
    NOMAD is a suite of three spectrometers that will be launched in 2016 as part of the joint ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission. The instrument contains three channels that cover the IR and UV spectral ranges ...
  • Chekki, Dan A.; Toews, Roger T. (Institute of Urban Studies, 1985-01-01)
  • Beavis, Mary Ann (Institute of Urban Studies, 1991)
  • Distasio, Jino; Dudley, Michael; Maunder, Mike
    The purpose of this study is to critically examine rooming houses from a community-based “people and place” perspective. This approach includes surveys, in-depth interviews and a workshop. The instruments used in the study ...
  • Rampersad, Narad (University of Waterloo, 2007)
    The study of combinatorics on words dates back at least to the beginning of the 20th century and the work of Axel Thue. Thue was the first to give an example of an infinite word over a three letter alphabet that contains ...
  • Nathues, A.; Platz, T.; Hoffmann, M.; Thangjam, G.; Cloutis, E. A.; Applin, D. M.; Le Corre, L.; Reddy, V.; Mengel, K.; Protopapa, S.; Takir, D.; Preusker, F.; Schmidt, B. E.; Russell, C. T. (The Astronomical Journal, 2017-08-04)
    Dwarf planet Ceres (∅ ∼ 940 km) is the largest object in the main asteroid belt. Investigations suggest that Ceres is a thermally evolved, volatile-rich body with potential geological activity, a body that was never ...

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