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  • Dobson, John Blythe (Integers, 2016-07)
    This note presents criteria in terms of Bernoulli numbers for a prime to be simultaneously a Wilson prime and a Lerch prime.
  • Dobson, John Blythe (Annals of Genealogical Research, 2006)
    Jerome B. Holgate, in his American Genealogy (fictitiously dated 1848), derives the Rapalje family from an alleged Gaspard Colet de Rapalje "born in France, at Châtillon, sur Loire, in 1505." We suggest that this personage ...
  • Dobson, John Blythe (International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science / Lebanese University, Beirut, 2017-01)
    We study the well-known lacunary sums of binomial coefficients considered, most notably, by Christian Ramus, and their connection to a special kind of harmonic number associated with the first case of Fermat's Last Theorem. ...
  • Dobson, John Blythe (Fibonacci Association, 2015-11)
    We show that a congruence discovered by George E. Andrews in 1969 for the Fibonacci quotient directly implies a simpler congruence found by Hugh C. Williams in 1991.
  • Dobson, John Blythe (New Netherland Connections, 2007)
    Herck Syboutszen, of the "Poor Bowery," Newtown (now Elmhurst), Queens Co., Long Island, New York, was baptized 28 January 1620 in the Dutch Reformed Church, Langedijk, North Holland, Netherlands.
  • Dobson, John Blythe (Notes & Queries / Oxford University Press, 2012-03)
    This note demonstrates that Sir Justus Beck (1679–1722), 1st Baronet, was baptized 8 November 1679 at Amsterdam, as Joost, son of Jacob George Beck and Margaretha de Smeth.
  • Dobson, John Blythe (New Netherland Connections, 2001)
    A number of alleged marriages in Teunis G. Bergen's Register ... of the early settlers of Kings County (1881) derive from the misreading of a single source, namely the seventeenth-century membership lists of the Flatbush ...
  • Dobson, John Blythe (Biography / University of Hawaii Press, 1993)
    Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, published in six volumes between 1887 and 1889, is one of the most comprehensive biographical dictionaries for the New World ever published. Unfortunately, some contributor was ...
  • Dobson, John Blythe (Foundations / Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, 2003-01)
    An interesting descent from Thomas Elys, a late-fourteenth-century M.P. for Sandwich, is claimed for the precursors of the New England Stoughtons in the 1619-21 Visitation of Kent. However, evidence of telescoping in the ...
  • Dobson, John Blythe (New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 2013-03)
    A power-of-attorney granted by the New Netherland colonist Daniel Verveelen in 1658 mentions his "great-grandmother Catharina Jans van Dongen." This article examines the question of whether she was the same as his known ...

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