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    • Physical characterization of ~2 m diameter near-Earth asteroid 2015 TC25: A possible boulder from E-type asteroid (44) Nysa 

      Reddy, Vishnu; Sanchez, Juan A.; Bottke, William F.; Thirouin, Audrey; Rivera-Valentin, Edgard G.; Kelley, Michael S.; Ryan, William; Cloutis, Edward A.; Tegler, Stephen C.; Ryan, Eileen V.; Taylor, Patrick A.; Richardson, James E.; Moskovitz, Nicholas; Le Corre, Lucille (The Astronomical Journal, 2016-11-11)
      Small near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) (<20 m) are interesting, because they are progenitors for meteorites in our terrestrial collection. The physical characteristics of these small NEAs are crucial to our understanding of the ...