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    • Activation of Innate Immune-Response Genes in Little Brown Bats (Myotis lucifugus) Infected with the Fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans 

      Rapin, Noreen; Johns, Kirk; Martin, Lauren; Warnecke, Lisa; Turner, James M.; Bollinger, Trent K.; Willis, Craig K. R.; Voyles, Jamie; Misra, Vikram (PLoS ONE, 2014-11-12)
      Recently bats have been associated with the emergence of diseases, both as reservoirs for several new viral diseases in humans and other animals and, in the northern Americas, as hosts for a devastating fungal disease that ...
    • Context-dependent conservation responses to emerging wildlife diseases 

      Langwig, Kate E.; Voyles, Jamie; Wilber, Mark Q.; Frick, Winifred F.; Murray, Kris A.; Bolker, Benjamin M.; Collins, James P.; Cheng, Tina L.; Fisher, Matthew C.; Hoyt, Joseph R.; Lindner, Daniel L.; McCallum, Hamish I.; Puschendorf, Robert; Rosenblum, Erica Bree; Toothman, Mary; Willis, Craig K. R.; Briggs, Cheryl J.; Kilpatrick, A. Marm (Ecological Society of America, 2015)
      Emerging infectious diseases pose an important threat to wildlife. While established protocols exist for combating outbreaks of human and agricultural pathogens, appropriate management actions before, during, and after the ...