This collection consists of works, other than theses or dissertations, by students in the ERDE program.

Recent Submissions

  • Estimating the Economic Cost of Obesity in Canadian Populations 

    Burns, Kate (2016-08)
    This study aims to provide a more complete description of who suffers most severely from obesity in terms of both the prevalence of the disease and its associated costs. Literature estimating the cost of obesity is often ...
  • Welfare Generosity and Well-being: Evidence from Canada 

    Zohora, Fatima Tuz (2016)
    This paper explores the association between provincial welfare generosity and well-being of poor Canadians. The well-being indicators include poverty incidence, depth of poverty, labor supply, time spent with kids, health ...
  • The Informal Sector and Tax Revenue Drive: A Nigerian Case Study 

    Olaitan, Veronica (2016-08-04)
    There has been a recent need to boost internally generated revenue in Nigeria due to the fall in the price of oil, upon which Nigeria has been dependent for revenue. The Nigerian government's attention has been drawn to ...