Recent Submissions

  • Aquatic Angiosperms at Unusual Depths in Shoal Lake, Manitoba-Ontario 

    Pip, Eva; Simmons, Kent (The Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club, 1986)
    Shoal Lake (elevation 323 m) was found to contain extensive macrophyte communities growing at depths of 12-14 m and consisting of the angiosperms Elodea canadensis, Najas flexilis, Potamogeton foliosus, P. zosteriformis, ...
  • Urban drinking water quality : a survey of selected literature 

    Pip, Eva (Institute of Urban Studies, 1993-01-01)
    Water is indispensable for all life on our planet. The quantity of water on earth is finite, amounting to approximately 1500 million cubic kilometres (Morrison, 1984). It is one of the most precious resources that we have, ...