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dc.contributor.authorCarter, Tom
dc.contributor.authorMcCullough, Scott
dc.contributor.authorShirtliffe, Ryan
dc.contributor.authorChris, Northcote
dc.description.abstractSince their introduction the late 1960s, condominiums have become a significant feature of Winnipeg’s housing market. Condominiums in Winnipeg however, present particular characteristics compared to other Canadian cities – especially the high number of units converted from previous apartments, the small share condos represent of the overall housing market, and the low percentage of condos that are rented out. Previous research has identified the high number of rental units converted to condos citywide, and raised concern about the impact on affordable rental housing. This project developed a new comprehensive database to explore in-depth the impact of condo units on Winnipeg neighbourhoods. The result provides a more nuanced understanding of the impacts of condos on Winnipeg neighbourhoods. With this database we set out to answer the following research questions: ● What is the spatial and temporal distribution of condominiums in Winnipeg? ● How does the distribution of new purpose-built condominiums differ from condominiums converted from other uses? ● Which neighbourhoods have been most affected and how has the housing stock in that neighbourhood changed? ● What effect have conversions had on the availability and affordability of the affordable rental stock in these neighbourhoods? The key themes emerging from this study are the loss of affordable rental housing, but a concurrent gain in affordable homeownership options. Additionally, the impacts of condos show very strong differences amongst neighbourhoods – in market effects, on rentals, and on demographicsen_US
dc.subjectNeighbourhood Changeen_US
dc.titleGain, Loss, and Change: The Impact of Condos on Winnipeg Neighbourhoodsen_US

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