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    • Self-Complementary Hypergraphs 

      Gosselin, Shonda (University of OttawaUniversity of Ottawa and Carleton University (joint program), 2009)
      In this thesis, we survey the current research into self-complementary hypergraphs, and present several new results. We characterize the cycle type of the permutations on n elements with order equal to a power of 2 which ...
    • Vertex-transitive self-complementary uniform hypergraphs of prime order 

      Gosselin, Shonda (Discrete Mathematics, 2009-09)
      For an integer n and a prime p, let n(p)=max{i:pidividesn}. In this paper, we present a construction for vertex-transitive self-complementary k-uniform hypergraphs of order n for each integer n such that pn(p)≡1(mod2ℓ+1) ...