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    • Downtown Trends: Downtown Winnipeg Market Research 2014 

      Downtown Winnipeg BIZ; Syvixay, Jason; McCullough, Scott (2014)
      The Downtown BIZ authored the final report and website. As the website is no longer active, a PDF version of the report is temporarily available
    • Downtown Winnipeg: Developments and Investments, 2005 - 2013 

      Distasio, Jino; McCullough, Scott; Werner, Adrian; Edwards, Frederick (Institute of Urban Studies, 2013)
      This IUS In-Brief explores the rapid upswing in investment in Winnipeg's downtown over the last eight years by collecting and mapping the changes that have taken place during this frenzied period of development.
    • Winnipeg Downtown Profile 

      McCullough, Scott; Distasio, Jino; Shirtliffe, Ryan; Muller, Brad; CentreVenture (Institute of Urban Studies, 2017-07)
      The Winnipeg Downtown Profile carries out an analysis of demographic and housing market factors that may influence the need for incentives in the downtown Winnipeg housing market. This report informs CentreVenture’s ...