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    • Report on the Residence Satisfaction Survey 

      Institute of Urban Studies; Pregnall, Janis (2014-11-06)
      The Residence Satisfaction Survey was undertaken to determine the level of satisfaction felt by students living in the University of Winnipeg's residences. The survey was administered in February 2001 by Janis Pregnall, ...
    • Student Housing Overview: Assessing Issues and Potential Options 

      Carter, Tom; Christopher, Gary; Church, Michelle; Distasio, Jino; Dudley, Michael; Grant, Dianne; Mulligan, Susan; Northcott, David; Sargent, Kurt; Sylvestre, Gina (2005-09-01)
      This report sets out for the administration of the University of Winnipeg some of the contexts, considerations and principles necessary when undertaking any future housing-oriented development. The report provides ...