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    • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Infidelity 

      Genlik, Ken Martin (2013-05-06)
      According to Whisman, Dixon and Johnason (1997) affairs/infidelity are the second most damaging problem that couples face and the third most difficult problem to treat. Glass & Wright (1988) argues that 30% of couples seek ...
    • Give Peace (and Folk Song) a Chance: American Folk Song and the Vietnam Anti-War Movement 

      Chorney, Meagen (2013-05-21)
      Folk narrative and folk song are often associated with antiquarian notions of the romanticized country ‘folk’ of times long past. This makes it difficult to conceptualize the folk and their songs in more contemporary, ...
    • On the Semantic Security of Secret Image Sharing Methods 

      Bhadravati, Shreelatha; Atrey, Pradeep; Khabbazian, Majid (2013-05-28)
      In this work, we analyze some of the existing secret image sharing methods and show that they do not possess indistinguishability, a property of many secure systems. We propose a new method based on the $(k, n)$ threshold ...