Recent Submissions

  • Sisterhood and Sibling Rivalry in Roman Society 

    Ripat, Pauline (University of Toronto Press, 2019)
    Roman evidence for relations between sisters is thin, but what there is suggests that sororal relations were, like all familial relations, subject to ideals of behaviour that might be difficult for individuals to attain. ...
  • Roman Women, Wise Women, and Witches 

    Ripat, Pauline (Phoenix / Classical Association of Canada, 2016)
    In this article I explore the connections among the physiological effects of envy, the stereotypes that adhered to old women, and the literary representations of witches in Roman society, arguing that it is possible to get ...
  • Expelling Misconceptions: Astrologers at Rome 

    Ripat, Pauline (Classical Philology / University of Chicago Press, 2011)
    "The views ... that the science of astrology swept the Roman world to win the devotion of the Roman people and the Roman emperors, that emperors consequently loved and feared astrology -- have become standard in scholarly ...