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    • The Future City: A Selection of Views on the Reorganization of Government in Greater Winnipeg 

      Axworthy, Lloyd; McNiven, Jim; Wichern, Phil; Cassidy, James; Haslam, Gerry; Burdeyny, Bill; Templeton, Carson (Institute of Urban Studies, 1971-01-01)
      This is a collection of short essays on the potential workings and outcomes of the Unicity scheme then proposed by the Manitoba provincial government, and attempts to give careful consideration and critique of the scheme. ...
    • The politics of Innovation 

      Axworthy, Tom (Institute of Urban Studies, 1972-04-01)
      This is a chronological narrative of the events that led to the Unicity scheme coming to fruition. It reviews the history of local government in the Greater Winnipeg region, focusing especially on the creation of the ...
    • Unicity: The Transition 

      Axworthy, Lloyd; Cassidy, Jim (Institute of Urban Studies, 1974-01-01)
      This paper reviews the first two years of the Unicity system, examining the implementation of the system and its preliminary impact and effectiveness in Greater Winnipeg. More broadly, it looks at the effectiveness of ...