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  • Invisibility cloaks, prisons, and a pandemic: Did COVID-19 render the prison invisibility cloak ineffective? 

    Weger, Jennifer (University of WinnipegUniversity of Winnipeg, 2022-07-26)
    This thesis acknowledges the importance of examining news media representation of prisons, and more specifically, news media representation of Canadian prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic. A thematic qualitative and ...
  • Surveys and Other Methods in Action Research 

    Buckland, Jerry (2022-02-02)
    This session presented by Dr. Jerry Buckland focused on providing insight into how to conduct action-oriented research (ARM) and surveys. It looked at how ARM is an approach to research that seeks to inform effective action. ...
  • Cubical homology-based Image Classification - A Comparative Study 

    Choe, Seungho (University of WinnipegUniversity of Winnipeg, 2021-12-23)
    Persistent homology is a powerful tool in topological data analysis (TDA) to compute, study and encode efficiently multi-scale topological features and is being increasingly used in digital image classification. The ...
  • A Descriptive Tolerance Nearness Measure for Performing Graph Comparison 

    Henry, Christopher J.; Awais, Syed Aqeel (IOS Press, 2018-11-03)
    This article proposes the tolerance nearness measure (TNM) as a computationally reduced alternative to the graph edit distance (GED) for performing graph comparisons. The TNM is defined within the context of near set theory, ...
  • Restorying Canada: Multiple Narratives in Progress 

    Balint, Adina (Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Brazil, 2017)
    This article examines, from two different perspectives, the relationship between historical and literary modes of restorying Canada: first exploring the process by which the country has shaped itself historically since ...
  • Canadians Do Oral History? 

    Freund, Alexander (Oral History Centre, University of Winnipeg, 2016-02-02)
  • Disappearing Sounds 

    Freund, Alexander (Oral History Centre, University of Winnipeg, 2016-03-02)
  • Stories of Transformation: Memories of a Global Citizenship Practicum 

    Kornelsen, Lloyd (The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE), 2014)
    Eleven years ago the author took 13 high school students from the University of Winnipeg (Canada) on a practicum trip to Costa Rica. Eight and a half years later he revisited the experience with many of those people. Stories ...

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