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  • Automated Deep Neural Network Approach for Detection of Epileptic Seizures 

    Moazen, Nadia (University of WinnipegUniversity of Winnipeg, 2021-12-09)
    In this thesis, I focus on exploiting electroencephalography (EEG) signals for early seizure diagnosis in patients. This process is based on a powerful deep learning algorithm for times series data called Long Short-Term ...
  • Analysis of Impact of Alcohol on Brain's Activity 

    Tripathy, Dharitri (University of WinnipegUniversity of Winnipeg, 2021-11-30)
    Electroencephalography is an electrophysiological monitoring process to capture electrical activity on the scalp that has been shown to represent the macroscopic activity of the surface layer of the brain underneath. It ...
  • Finding Reliable Information: Beyond the Paywall 

    Selman, Brianne (2021-10-20)
    Learn how and where to find free Open Access research that is scholarly and trustworthy. Explore searching tips and tools for finding appropriate and relevant articles and publications.
  • Cubical homology-based Image Classification - A Comparative Study 

    Choe, Seungho (University of WinnipegUniversity of Winnipeg, 2021-12-23)
    Persistent homology is a powerful tool in topological data analysis (TDA) to compute, study and encode efficiently multi-scale topological features and is being increasingly used in digital image classification. The ...
  • Endangered Oarisma poweshiek butterfly larval foraging and adult habitat interactions in Manitoba, Canada 

    Henault, Justis (University of WinnipegUniversity of Winnipeg, 2021-10-29)
    The Poweshiek skipperling (Oarisma poweshiek) is endemic to the tall grass prairie in North America, and is now critically endangered globally. Existing populations are scattered amongst tall grass prairie remnants. However, ...
  • A study on the modeling for obesity 

    Lim, Sung Young (University of WinnipegUniversity of Winnipeg, 2021-12-03)
    This study primarily aims to develop an Agent Based Model (ABM) that can simulate the obesity rates based on statistical analysis and to find out how obesity is affected by risk factors in a Canadian environment. As obesity ...
  • Gain, Loss, and Change: The Impact of Condos on Winnipeg Neighbourhoods 

    Carter, Tom; McCullough, Scott; Shirtliffe, Ryan; Chris, Northcote (2021-12)
    Since their introduction the late 1960s, condominiums have become a significant feature of Winnipeg’s housing market. Condominiums in Winnipeg however, present particular characteristics compared to other Canadian cities ...
  • 3-D Image Analysis via Jacobi Moments with GPU-Accelerated Algorithms 

    Wang, Puwei (University of WinnipegUniversity of Winnipeg, 2021-11-22)
    This research has developed a parallel algorithm to compute 3-Dimensional Jacobi moments with high efficiency and accuracy. The algorithm was implemented in CUDA C. Our developing progress was in the order of Legendre ...

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