Recent Submissions

  • Automated LULC Map Production using Deep Neural Networks 

    Henry, Christopher J.; Storie, Christopher; Palaniappan, Muthu; Alhassan, Victor; Swamy, Mallikarjun; Aleshinloye, Damilola; Curtis, Andrew; Kima, Daeyoun (Taylor & Francis, 2019-01-17)
    This article presents an approach to automating the creation of land-use/land-cover classification (LULC) maps from satellite images using deep neural networks that were developed to perform semantic segmentation of natural ...
  • A Deep Learning Framework: Land-Use/Land-Cover Mapping and Analysis using Multispectral Satellite Imagery 

    Alhassan, Victor; Henry, Christopher; Ramanna, Sheela; Storie, Christopher (Springer, 2019-07-17)
    In this article, we present an approach to land-use and land-cover (LULC) mapping from multispectral satellite images using deep learning methods. The terms satellite image classification and map production, although used ...
  • Intra-urban analysis of commercial locations: A GIS-based approach 

    Storie, Christopher D. (2013)
    The urban landscape is an interspersed mixing of residences, shops, theatres, parks, natural areas, and a multitude of other uses. From the early days of the central markets, to the planned downtown, to the heavily planned ...