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    • Community-Based Research and Ethics: From Ethics Forms to Honouring Relations 

      Kerr, Jeannie (Community-Based Research Training Centre (Winnipeg, Manitoba), 2021-03-31)
      What is ethical in research and what are our responsibilities as researchers? Unless you have designed a research project and completed ethics requirements yourself it may be difficult to know how the process works, ...
    • A Panel discussion on Community-Based Research 

      Mallett, Kathy; Bernas, Kirsten; English, Lorie; Barkman, Michael; MacKinnon, Shauna; Perrott, Dagen; Kerr, Jeannie (Community-Based Research Training Centre (Winnipeg, Manitoba), 2021-02-16)
      Community-based participatory research begins with relationships. The role of the researcher in the initial stages of the research relationship is to listen. Although it might not always be framed as research, community ...