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    • An Assessment of STD/HIV Prevention Health Care and Youth Service in Winnipeg: The Youth and STD/HIV Prevention Project 

      Paula, Migliardi; John, Schellenberg; Margaret, Ormond
      The aim of this study was to identify current STD resources and services in Winnipeg and to identify barriers hindering the provision of STD prevention by health care and youth service providers. The study also examined ...
    • Male Reading Teachers: Effects on Inner-city Boys 

      Sokal, Laura; Katz, Herb; Sych-Yereniuk, Anastasia; Chochinov-Harder, Lori; Adkins, Matthew; Grills, Tannis; Stewart, Crystal; Priddle, Greg
      Eighteen inner-city first and second grade boys participated in a pilot study on the effect of sex of reading teacher on boys’ attitudes toward and performance in reading. Each boy participated with either a male or a ...
    • Voices from the Margins: Experiences of Street-Involved Youth In Winnipeg 

      Higgitt, Nancy; Wingert, Susan; Ristock, Janice; Brown, Mellisa; Ballantyne, Melvina; Caett, Sammy; Coy, Kristin; Quoquat, Rachel
      In this study we sought to hear the voices of street-involved youth. We wanted to give them a forum through which to tell their stories. We wanted to know: 1) How they came to be involved with the street? 2) What their ...