The Institute for Urban Studies regularly undertakes research in partnership with or on the behalf of community-based organizations on topics and issues of concern to urban, inner-city and regional communities.

Recent Submissions

  • Eviction Prevention: Toolkit of Promising Practices 

    Distasio, Jino; McCullough, Scott (Institute of Urban Studies, 2016-02)
    This ‘toolkit and resource guide’ is intended to be a short, accessible guide for organizations wanting to help their tenants build long-term, stable tenancies. The toolkit provides an scan of tools used by organizations ...
  • Observer-Rated Housing Quality Scale (OHQS) 

    Institute of Urban Studies (Institute of Urban Studies, 2015-12-03)
    In partnership with the West Broadway Community Organization, the Institute of Urban Studies is proud to launch the Observer-Rated Housing Quality Scale (OHQS) - Rooming house and Single Room Occupancy Hotel Edition. This ...
  • Rooming Houses Community Update 

    Unknown author (Institute of Urban Studies, 2015-11-03)
    In May 2014, five concerned organizations partnered to talk about the state of Rooming Houses in Winnipeg's Inner-City. Together we released two reports: Winnipeg's Vanishing Rooming Houses and Rooming Houses to Rooming ...
  • The Divided Prairie City: Income Inequality Among Winnipeg's Neighbourhoods, 1970-2010 

    Distasio, Jino; Kaufman, Andrew; Carter, Tom; Galston, Robert; Leeson-Klym, Sarah; Leo, Christopher; Maunder, Mike; Lorch, Brian; Peters, Evelyn; Reimer, Brendan; Sandhurst, Martin; Sylvestre, Gina (2015-05-20)
    This book brings twelve experts on Winnipeg to talk about the people, places, and spaces, impacted by a growing gap between rich and poor neighbourhoods. We add a geographic perspective to the recent conversations about ...
  • Downtown Winnipeg: Demographics, Population Density, and Grocery Store Locations 

    Werner, Adrian; McCullough, Scott (2013-03-03)
    This map presents an overview of demographics and population density and compares it to the location of downtown grocery stores.
  • Steinbach Public Transportation Study 

    Distasio, Jino; Dudley, Michael; Christopher, Gary (2006-01-01)
    This document constitutes the final report for the Steinbach Transportation Project Steering Committee (STPSC). This report includes a demographic profile of Steinbach; a literature review dealing with many of the relevant ...
  • Housing and Affordability: A snapshot of the Challenges and Successes for Winnipeg's African Community 

    Ervick-Knote, Holly; Garang, Ruben (2015-02-18)
    The purpose of this study was to examine the housing experiences and related challenges of settlement of African immigrants and refugees located in Winnipeg. This included immigrant and refugee perceptions of housing, the ...
  • IMTB Database Survey Final Report 

    Institute of Urban Studies (2001-02-15)
    This survey was undertaken to assess the computer capacity and current data collecting practices of Service Provider Organisations offering LINC, ISAP, HOST and RAP services in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The data collected ...
  • Guidelines for Federal Policy Priorities in Urban Areas 

    Institute of Urban Studies (2001-01-30)
    This report presents a number of guidelines and principles that could serve as a basis for reviewing federal policy priorities in urban areas with a particular focus on Winnipeg. It combines research undertaken during past ...
  • Provincial and Territorial Interests in Land Use Planning and Development 

    Carter, Tom; Distasio, Jino; Bruce, D.; Wame, C. (2002-11-01)
    Land use planning in Canada is in the process of undergoing a radical shift as legislation, much of which dates from the 1980s or even the 1970s, is less and less able to cope with the increasing complexity of land use ...
  • An Action Plan for Seniors Transportation in Manitoba: Strategic Priorities 

    Sylvestre, Gina; Cardona Claros, Karina (2008-01-01)
    There is growing recognition in Manitoba that the transportation options available to older adults are a crucial factor in aging successfully. Throughout the last decade there have been a range of community efforts to ...
  • Mobility Options for the Aging Population of Manitoba: An Action Plan for Regional Solutions 

    Sylvestre, Gina; Gaudry, Lesley; Christopher, Gary (2007-06-01)
    Safe mobility for older adults is a multifaceted and complex issue, and no single solution exists to address the needs of a diverse senior population. Solutions to improve transportation for seniors are impeded by a ...
  • Churchill Sustainability Planning Framework (CSPF) 

    Distasio, Jino; Dudley, Michael; Moradzadeh, Fereshteh (Institute of Urban Studies, 2011-02)
    e current report is the Churchill Sustainability Planning Framework (CSPF) which sets out the Vision, Values and Priorities for making Churchill a more sustainable community, and provides a “toolkit” for moving these ...
  • Sustainable Churchill Interim Report 

    Institute of Urban Studies (2005-06-01)
    This Interim Report reports on a series of public consultations with residents in the community of Churchill as a part of the Sustainable Churchill initiative, which is a partnership between the Town of Churchill and the ...
  • Sustainable Churchill Discussion Paper 

    Distasio, Jino; Dudley, Michael; Mulligan, Susan; Town of Churchill Local Steering Committee (2009-08-24)
    This Discussion Paper introduces the Sustainable Churchill initiative between the Town of Churchill and the University of Winnipeg. It provides an overview of major concepts, including what is meant by community sustainability, ...
  • Downtown Winnipeg Pedestrian Intercept Study 

    Lorch, Brian (2005-01-01)
    This report presents the results of a survey of pedestrians in downtown Winnipeg undertaken by the Winnipeg Downtown Biz in March / April 2005. The purpose of the survey was to develop a demographic and socio-economic ...
  • The Winnipeg Spirit Survey: Use and Perceptions among Riders and Downtown Pedestrians 

    Institute of Urban Studies (2006-01-01)
    A survey of 715 Spirit and non-spirit bus users to determine the characteristics of riders and their perceptions of the service.
  • Community Transportation Toolkit: Interpreting and Implementing the Mobility Disadvantaged Transportation Program Guidelines 

    McNairnay, Esther; Kliewer, Karin; Sylvestre, Gina (2009-01-01)
    Handi-van services are an important resource for older adults in rural Manitoba where fewer and fewer transportation options are available. Services provide an effective and efficient travel option that connects older ...
  • Resource Toolkit for Supporting Older Drivers in the Community: Promoting Safety, Independence and Well-Being 

    Cardona Claros, Karina; Wiebe, Alan; Sylvestre, Gina (2010-01-01)
    This toolkit is a comprehensive document that will open readers up to the wealth of resources and opportunities available to mature drivers, their families/loved ones, health professionals and community members. With ...
  • The Downtown Residents Survey 

    Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone (BIZ); Institute of Urban Studies (2010-01-01)
    The Downtown Residents Survey was completed by 1583 respondents and was intended to gather information regarding the habits and perceptions of downtown residents. The survey consisted of nine sections, including downtown ...

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