Recent Submissions

  • The best laid plans oft go astray : the case of Winnipeg 

    Axworthy, Lloyd (The Institute of Urban Studies, 1978)
  • Winnipeg: The Unicity Concept 

    Axworthy, Lloyd (1976-09-09)
    This is a transcription of a speech given by Dr. Lloyd Axworthy to a seminar on regional government in 1976. It looks back candidly at some of the outcomes of Unicity, both from an administrative and democratic perspective. ...
  • Report on Unicity Project 

    Cassidy, James; O'Hara, Jocelyne (Institute of Urban Studies, 1972-02-01)
    This report is an evaluation of a six-week communication project known as Project Unicity, Based on reports from the people involved, surveys and attitude studies, observation and discussion, the report attempts to show ...
  • A Test for Institutional Innovation: Winnipeg's Unicity 

    Axworthy, Lloyd; Lightbody, Jim; Pawluk, Lorna; Sherba, Cheryl (Institute of Urban Studies, 1974-01-01)
    This short paper is a broad look at Winnipeg’s political landscape in the years immediately following Unicity, and its impact on electoral politics, citizen engagement, planning, and administration. There is a brief ...
  • Evaluating Winnipeg's Unicity: Scholarly and Practical Perspectives 

    Wichern, Philip H. (Institute of Urban Studies, 1985-01-01)
    A paper prepared by Dr. Philip H. Wichern, Associate Professor, Department of Political Studies, University of Manitoba, written at St. Paul's College, June-July, 1985.